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The Myth of Capital(the preamble!)

from the 2015 series with the serious seismic shebang!

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Critiquing the Conceits of Exceptionalism - East & West
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Readers Note: The text below is the re-published first part of the 2015 series Myth of Capital. Some links may not work, due to the time since original publication. Podcasts have been problematic, technic-wise. I’ve had to delay several posts as a result. This stand in post will serve to fill in the gap meanwhile.

Silvio Gesell
Henry George

Myth(s) of Capital(the preamble!)

A who, how, why and when of capital's transformation into the password for Scarcity Economics - and the Desacralization of our world. (reconstituting forgotten knowledge of certain Giants of our past in order to dispel the lies & distortions of an ignoble present...in steps along a forest trail)

the MISSING LINK! Hidden treasure from the forgotten interlude tween when “Rogue” went underground… and “Yuno” rose from the Dread! Original Release/ May 13 2015 - prologue to the preamble follows!

Having recently realized that the ‘MYTH OF CAPITAL’ series written @2015 represented a sizable segment of distillation… as well as a kind of ‘transition point’ from the financial-oriented work I had been doing, back into the world of geopolitics and contemporary events…

which within the year would land me personally in the center of a storm which would take place in my adopted Asian homeland…and result in a huge number of dispatches and meditations that no longer can be safely shown… given the necessity of my staying on the right side of the political powers that be here! Those treasures are locked in the grooveyard ‘for good.’ This less ‘controversial’ series fills some of that gap which resulted from the expediency of necessity!

I was taken aback to realize that this ‘preamble’ portion - written prior to parts ONE TWO AND THREE of that series, but never presented with them… had been lingering in the vault forgotten and forlorn. It was only when I started reading it over that I was looking at a something which really needed to see the ‘light of day.’

After cleaning it up and editing it somewhat…. this is the end result. I even managed to find the photo of the newborn lambs from my stable of the time. “Real Capital” was the name I gave that photo - in the original. And ‘real capital’ it remains! I trust the imaginary reader will enjoy this voyage back into the ‘grooveyard;’ I hope to get a ‘podcast’ off soon to accompany this print version.

REAL "STOCK OF CAPITAL"INCREASE ...FROM WOMB, NOT TOMB. The 'really real', embodied!

Why would a preamble be necessary to writing up a story on Capital and its many myths? Perhaps because so many, in the past, have failed to get to the heart of what the term involves. Perhaps because the term itself has entered the realm of the fabulous... where, in what Baudrillard referred to as 'the era of simulation'... it's meaning

-all meaning - has been replaced by not just it's liquidation - but by it's "resurrection by a system of signs, a material more malleable than meaning." No longer a binary opposite of 'communism' but a single, overarching sign which eliminates all signs by forcing them into compliance with it's sole purpose... to accumulate. Of course,in any biologic system, accumulation without dispersion is fatal... ebb and flow, night and day, male and female all signify this movement back and forth between poles. "Capital" as embodied in it's mythology of "Capitalism"

signifies the end of all movement... of mobility... of the biological itself. Polarity replaced by pointless accretion of 'capital' ... which even 'capitalist' theory acknowledges can only be useful in it's distributive modality! Birth, death, the endless cycle of life... nightmare of the capitalist culture.

Today, there are no challengers left to the primacy of that signal. All philosophies, all religions, all economies are simply variations upon it's theme of accumulation. But as Baudrillard himself pointed out, that system requireschallengers... oppositions... with which to feed itself. Ergo, our modern panoply of 'choices' ... 'alternatives'... and

'diversities;' all residues of liquidated meaning paying court to the only game in town.

Silvio Gesell - the unknown Giant who took apart Marxian economics & who will figure largely in our coming segments!

Some of the stories here have suggested the progression by which this process of abandoning the biological will play out... and detailed some of the agents of it's dark clouds of deceit. But since 'opposing' that process would be but to abet it... there has been a subtle suggestion at the same time throughout those stories that something other than so doing is required. Fleshing out that 'something other' is a prime component of the dossier here - as we look at what may have occurred to other minds confronted with the same presence of evil in the past... and set the grounds for what might occur in the minds of some of us, in the present or future. But instead of hoping to find that 'other' within oppositions which no longer really exist... cultural, economic, oreven magic-based systems which have all been blended into the one sign... we need be crafty readers of myth.

Myths are the bricks, the building blocks by which the sign acquires it's ascendance over meaning. Meaning hasbeen literally as well as figuratively 'bricked over' in the consumer paradise of capitalism's parking lot. You are free of course to 'rebel' against this ... but you will simply be one of the helpless riders in the bumper cars which travelthat expanse, over and over. If you really want to ever leave that space... you will need to remove the bricks, one by one, with which it is paved. What's involved in this examination of capital's many myths is inventorying the tools by which to accomplish that. I'm not advocating anyone leave their chosen bumper car, or just walk away from the lot... but certainly, if that's something one wishes to do, these tools will be indispensable to that task.

Some of these tools will be like pick-axes...others more like blow torches, or incendiaries. Reading Gesell's deconstruction of 'economics' is like watching a firebomber blowing the roof off of an entire block of houses... the block where Marx, Engels, and a whole bunch of their supposed 'opposites' lived.


Silvio Gesell – The Natural Economic Order - geokey - Personal ...

Silvio Gesell - The NATURAL ECONOMIC ORDER. 2. Human beings, to prosper, must be able under all circumstances to give themselves out for what they are.

"Money-interest is exacted from the wares, that is, directly from the circulation of wares and money. (We have already noted that Marx denied this possibility). Interest upon money is quite independent of the existence of a proletariat deprived of the means of production; it would be no whit less if all the workers were provided with their own instruments of production. Interest on money would in that case be levied by the merchant (possessor of money) from the workers when they were handing him over their produce. It would be levied because the merchant, by withholding his money, could prohibit the exchange of the wares produced by the workers - without direct loss to himself, and with direct, inevitable loss to them, since all wares, with a few unimportant exceptions, lose daily in quantity and quality and, in addition, cause considerable expense for storage and caretaking.." Silvio Gisell - The Natural Economic Order

We'll make good use of those firebombs from time to time along the way here. Not to hurt anybody... just to blow up some myths... real good! Picks... well, thems for getting to the bottom of things with. Getting to the bottom of capital's many myths will mean some real digging... in the appropriate places. Just because there are no giants lefttoday... to challenge the system of the sign... doesn't mean that there were not plenty of them from past times...whose legacy we can draw upon here to guide us. Some of their conclusions... about money, currency, and the way to harmonize society... are far diverging from what those of us with a penchant for assets like gold and silver have imagined would be best. But that's the gist of the matter... if we are afraid to examine our own myths...

acknowledge them as such... and then let them float free in competition with others, we might as well resign ourselves to life in the bumper car... because there will be no exit from that parking lot. Ideas, like currency in a healthy economy, need to circulate. Getting stuck in the past is no good, but neither is getting stuck on futuresolutions that aren't supportable with real life experience - only by examining the thoughts of others... then thinking for ourselves... can we fashion workable solutions... personal and public alike.

Henry George - author of the largest selling book in the USA for the entire C19th

Staying clear of all those competing ... and completing... ideas, in order to pretend that one's preference for gold n silver is 'the only' way, is really just to suffer the sin of pride. But it's not only arrogant... it's also self-defeating. Real potential for personal change/survival... as in the kind I will refer to shortly below... comes from the crucible of putting one's cherished notions into fire and seeing what comes out purified... and what melts away as dross!

When I first left the West, I think I had imagined that physical departure would in itself facilitate an equivalent psychic one - that one could depart as well from alienation, habits of mind, and the fixed elements of one's character simply by means of a change of milieu. We humans tend to be hopelessly optimistic in that way... a lifetime's accretion of complexes, biases, and culturally inculcated values can be disposed of like an old suit of clothing! Many books have been written... and sold... as well, with an eye to this human penchant for wishful thinking. Change your mind... change your life! Stop smoking... stop creating obstacles to success... stopsabotaging your relationships... etc. etc. In truth... wherever you go... there you are! The same old you... locked into the same old patterns of limited awareness... limited responsibility... limited potential. That's what I discovered, anyhow... pretty sure I'm not alone in that phenomena!

Back in the later part of the last century, there was a hot market for the type of "change your life" marketing mantra that involved invoking alluring visions of other cultures - cultures supposedly superior to the modern western one, because of certain wisdoms, values, or spiritual traditions. A lot of people bought into the idea thattheir lives would be changed for the better if they would become.... different... in some kind of changing of cultural allegiances way. After trying out a few of the varieties of these allegiances which were marketed by different "brands" of guru/wisemen... most of those cultural consumers were disillusioned with the idea. They discovered that what they had been told about their chosen "way" had been a myth... rather than a 'reality.'

In the occidental world, there's a certain rigidity between those two terms which grants the assumption that theyrepresent opposites - the myth is 'unreal' and reality is 'unmythical.' There is a certain comforting solidity whichcomes from that separation - one knows where they stand, sort of thing. Sciences, for instance, are to bedistinguished from other human endeavors, because they are rooted in an 'objective knowledge' of the world which removes itself from myth a priori. That this in itself might be a charming fiction - could in itself be a 'myth' - is the very last notion most westerners would entertain!

In truth, however, the world as we live in it is packaged almost completely into myths... and attempting to pretend that one lives free of them simply makes one a victim of their mythologies rather than able to independently interact with them. In the West, the business of business, it would seem, is to create the most compelling ofvmythologies... which can then be marketed as 'reality.' Marketing, by the way, is something not contained in it'svnature to strictly commercial endeavor... ideologies, myths, world views are ''marketed" by 'educators' whoseappointed task is to inculcate in their 'students' the belief that their way of seeing the world is indeed 'reality.'

Those poor souls who truly believe that they have been 'educated' to understand reality... instead of trained to be consumers of a branded simulation of such... are really like unto ghost shoppers doomed to be locked into a Walmart of endless aisles, trundling a shopping cart of hot buys which they will never ever be able to'check out.'

Reality... for them... will remain forever, 'backordered!'

Of course, in other parts of the world, there are equivalent actors with the equivalent task - to inculcate the belief that their societies dominant myths are indeed 'reality.' In some cases, the dominant mythologies have religious overtones... in others, they are more 'secular.' In all of them however, there are truly few who interact with their mythologies as independent players... able to evaluate the world they live in both with and without the use of those myths. Which is kind of a shame... because that independence is a very handy skill to have.

In our modern world, where the dominant social discourse is now handled via layers of DIS-information...designed to manipulate consciousness... the ability to weave in and out of myths... and 'realities' is almost a prerequisite for staying 'whole - in a number of senses.

Certainly in the economic sense, to be able to discern what is being presented to one as 'reality' ... as a variation of myth... is a skill which cannot be overestimated in importance. People are sold the most absurd models... as products that are designed to be capable of fulfilling expectations totally UN-'realistic' in nature... yet even whenthat is fully evident, the victims of these false promises refuse to acknowledge that failure, due to being fully immersed in the mythology which underpins it! "Capitalism" is one of those models... the victims are endless, and endlessly uncomplaining. Belief in the myth(s) of "capitalism" is the modern equivalent to belonging to a Puritan colony of those who believe life is a burden to be born in silence and submission.... with the caveat that instead of the next life, your reward... if you get really lucky... will come in this one! Where a mythology such as "Communism" had a shelf life of comparatively short duration... due to being manifestly absurd... "capitalism"seems to be a cult which has no end of followers willing to sacrifice all to it's cause.

The only reason I can see for intelligent people to willingly stay with such an unrewarding model is that they honestly believe that it's many myths are in fact, "reality." They truly believe that our world is a parking lot.

That the model is unrewarding for all but the toll keepers should be increasingly evident... as the strains upon a system which has granted greater and greater power and influence to fewer and fewer corporations, while concentrating greater proportions of wealth into fewer and fewer hands resonate downwards. But a pervasive, media-driven mind control program has effectively neutered any and all questioning of the obvious... in favor of a kind of queasy acceptance of the status quo, like a condemned mans' secret hope for escape!

This 'reality' is indeed so pervasive that... wherever you go in the world today... in addition to you, yourself, being there... so is "capitalism." It's a global cult. It has 'leftist' strains, it has 'rightist' strains...this cultural flavor, versus that, but the game remains the same. So anyone wishing to 'escape' the reality of 'capitalism' has to be prepared to do a lot more than simply change locations.... cultural allegiances... or style of clothing! To achieve the 'arms length distance' necessary to see the myths of 'capitalism' for what they are almost requires a time machine.

Because while 'capitalism' is most certainly an occidental creation, it's spread all over the earth makes is really the only ideology which operates... the world over. I'm actually not saying that is a good thing or a bad thing... what I'm saying is that, in order to understand and evaluate capitalism as a system - useful or discardable - one simply has to be able to understand it's many myths... as myths! Then... only then, you can choose freely to embrace or reject it.

It should be clear that I'm not using the word myth in a pejorative sense... altho that is a common enough tendency of our times. Rather, it is used here to leave the reader with the impression that the term capitalism has

been artificially removed from the category of mythology and placed in an undeserved and inaccurate one of

sanctified revelation of truth... at the same time as being glossed with the veneer of 'scientific' provability as regards it's tenets. The contradictions inherent in that packaging should be evident... but by what Omar Zaid calls the "Double Mind" technique ... "a hypnosis of confusing but convincing double-talk" that has rendered the minds of westerners immune to critical inspection and independent thinking, they are simply accepted and ignored.

The essence of our mission with this piece is to discover and detail the manner in which that exact process - by which biased talking points are deliberately reconstituted into appearance of truth - has been employed by certain vested interests to give the term "capital"... and by necessary extension, the term "capitalism" the veneer of solidity, probity, and temporal inevitability that they have indeed acquired in common usage. That in itself would seem a task usually best left to 'scholars' - the professionally trained - who, armed with academic tools of the trade like "Phonology," "Anthropology," "Economics," and "Political Science" swoop down onto conundrums

such as this one like vultures to roadkill... usually. Yet those usual suspects are all missing from the scene - when it comes to dissecting "capital" in a manner that can cut to the heart of things. Each in their 'specialty' remains blind to the nature of the subject in it's entirety...

like forensic scientists who handle only one specific part of the anatomy, they do not see the body as a whole,

and therefore remain unable to reach conclusions that put everything together so as to solve a crime! This of course is enormously convenient for those who wish their crimes... against truth and historical veracity... to remain undiscovered.... and their dupes of the 'academy' are more than happy to make the appropriate diversions to keep that status quo... for a suitable salary and tenured position.

It falls, therefore, upon the non-professional... the unaligned, much maligned "amateur" or "enthusiast" to do the heavy lifting in this matter. We "untrained"... unsubsidized... unread UN-scholars who live on the fringes of debate, supported only by a determination to see the record made right, and buoyed only by the knowledge that there is simply no else who will carry the torch! To this point, that's been enough to carry me through ... wading into areas of debate on things of economic or geopolitical consequence with no fear - no hesitation to present a case due to lack of 'qualifications'... or feedback...whether commendation... or reasoned critique. I have continued to whistle merrily along my own path here, secure in knowing that the quality of the work is of sufficiently high standard, and the thoughts expressed of sufficiently unique origin, to be free of such concerns.

Yet, having given myself the task of following up on the last story with one titled "The Myth of Capital," I've spentthe intervening time circling around it, like a matador testing the reflexes, gauging the strength of an angry and dangerous bull ... maintaining an appropriate distance. And I'll admit to feeling some trepidation about the task.

Not for brazenly proposing it as the natural next step from looking in on the magical underpinnings of modern finance... I knew this one would be a stretch from the outset. Rather, it's more likely I'm feeling the weight of what it will mean to sunder ties with the form of addressing such topics. I've been happy to take on the role of"journalist" in many of the stories here so far - and done a credible job, I don't mind saying, of performing as such;appearing in the guise of a scholar has not intimidated me either, where necessary. But these and the rest of such devices employed remain just that - guises - and the challenge of de-mythologizing "capital" can only fall to theywilling to put aside all guises, disguises... in truth, theatrical wardrobes of any kind... for a suit of unknown description - shape, material, color or size.

Possibly all of those attributes will be determined by the territory traveled through... chameleon-like is already a description which I've happily applied to myself... and such changes as suit the surroundings! Bound and determined that at any rate, it will not be an orange jumpsuit of the kind which awaits so many of my past confreres of the fallen lands, I'm content to wait for the sartorial future to unfold. I've been asking for several

years now to have one of those one piece shepherds cloaks made for me out of wool which I would happily supply - but all the ladies pretend to not know how to make the thing anymore... I know for a fact that they're lying, and simply do not wish to be associating with anything so archaic.(That's my 'real' job, by the way...returning a love of and respect for the archaic to a people busily trying to get as far from it as possible! I do this writing in English to maintain certain other skills, and because of the relief it provides from the extremely low level of success I will likely ever enjoy from the job I think of as truly important!)

Which brings me round to the'other' reason for the delay in getting to grips with this story. Part of it, you see, is simply of a seasonal nature, as my role shifts to scouting out the trails that will take us to higher pastures... the snow pack melts away on the higher reaches, and summer's heat starts to scorch the lower ones. Mending broken sections of roadway, preparing camps, watching for signs of new entrants means being away from the computer from now on for much of the time. That, in turn requires a shift of strategy... instead of being omfortably close enough to grab inspiration's coattails and steadily write, I'll have to wait patiently for thoserandom moments when something from the daily doings springs up with a flash that nudges me forwards, and offsets the laziness which finds so many excuses to avoid continuing here.

Yesterday had one of those moments. You see a lot of smashed up culverts and bridges at this time of year - victims of winter's hard rains or sudden melts, when the water pours off of the mountains with a raging violence. Crossing one such point I saw scattered in the river's now dry bed shattered pieces of reinforced concrete and huge boulders tossed like matchsticks everywhere. That picture, of the destructive power of mere H2O, made me think of the title of this next piece... "The Myth of Capital."

Just like the raging torrent, the many myths about "capital" have been rained down upon us through the last millennia... in a flood of ideologically-driven words thathave washed out our connection to a real understanding of what the term 'capital' really means.Repairing that bridge is no easy job... which may be why so few have even thought to undertake it. We've gottenused to staying on the side of the river where everything is nicely trimmed and neatly packaged... the side where economics 'teaches' us to believe that the roots of what we call "capitalism" go back to the trade between peoples which took the form of free exchange of goods governed by a mysterious force called markets - and that ‘supply and demand' are the guiding axioms by which such free exchange can and must take place! Of course...

everyone is free to challenge the concept of property rights, competitive business relations, and distributivepolicies, but nevertheless, there are overarching assumptions about the nature of 'capital' which all are dutiful inaccepting - whether "socialist," "capitalist," or whatever shade in between. Concepts like "the labor theory of value" - "marginal utility" -"dialectical materialism" - or any of the other myriadconceptions that have come to us via the poisoned well of occidental 'political science' and economics have all a common theme and share core ideological premises which neither 'left' nor 'right' deviate from belief in. All of

the those seemingly competing voices are content to stay on the comfortable side of the river, and pretend thano bridge can be built to the other. We can put the "rights of the collective" at the top of our list - or we can

choose to emphasize the imperative of individual liberty and the right to property there instead... at the end of the day, it makes no difference, because the terminal defect of any such prioritizations will be apparent... as it is today.

Wishing to see what's 'on the other side' has been the bane and crowning pleasure of my existence both. It's due to that propensity that the challenge of bridge repair - one which surely hundreds, not thousands of other of

greater talents would be more suited to undertake - seems to have fallen upon my slender shoulders. Which, likemost things in life... is entirely unfair! The more I thought about it, the more I felt included in Pope's bon mot -

"Fools rush in where angels fear to tread!" But in order to get on with it... instead of whining, I've finally realized the necessity of bringing in what capable assistance there is to be found... not, unfortunately, from the now... but from the past... when a number of remarkable men took the job of reasoning, examining, and writing about the results of their empirical studies on 'capital,' 'wealth,' and 'money' seriously enough to have set standards no longer capable of being matched, let alone exceeded, in our mundane and devolving modern world.

Indeed, it was only by means of the chance and serendipitous remembrance of the little known works of Silvio Gesell amongst my bookmarks that I could pull myself out of the swamp of self-pity long enough to startassembling this story in earnest. Having such a giant of clarity about economic matters such as he on my side - as picador to my bullfighter's role - was enough to finally goad me forward ... into the realization that I could indeed put together a case which would have the backing and the wisdom of some of the brightest minds to ever grace

the western part of the world, in addition to those who had shone so brightly in the eastern! With such a device, I could finally overcome the frustrating disconnection between the two worlds apart... occidental & oriental. A mutual incomprehensibility still lingers between the two ... in a world supposedly connected by networks of instantaneous communication and technologies of travel have broken down all barriers to those worlds mixing on a daily basis. Like oil and water, the cultures of the East and those of the West have stayed separated from mutual understanding no matter how much superficial blending has been done, in the spread of consumer consciousness world-wide.

The Natural Economic Order : Gesell, Silvio : Free Download ...

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The Natural Economic Order. by Gesell, Silvio.


To introduce the intricacies of "Islamic Finance" into a western world wiped clean of interest(no pun intended!) -ability even - to understand that part of the world's cultural contribution to socio-economic theory and praxis...had seemed too daunting, till now. But suddenly, thanks to Gesell refusal to be stymied by the myths of capital, I realized that the barrier to comprehension would cease to exist - if it could be shown that there had in fact been thinkers and theorizers in the western world who had created systems from their empirical studies of society which in fact emulated and corresponded to the essence of that "eastern" system of socio-economic self regulation!

Though fool I may remain, for daring to take on the task of dissecting "capital" where so many have fallen short, that assemblage of voices from the past encourages continuing to build the bridge between those two worlds... which would stand much more in alliance, rather than opposition, were it not for all the falsewitness which has been allowed to proceed through petty dispute over theology and self-serving "civil liberties"rhetoric. This preamble, therefore, is designed to make it possible for the reader to see that the purpose of examining the myths of capital is to engage their interest in exploring that which can be truly said to lie outside that system's omnivorous grasp... and why that examination is of seminal importance to anyone hoping to make it out whole from the coming storm that will descend upon the western world with a vengeance. It's not an 'economic' discussion, in other words, it's a survivalist's guide to finding an exit available only those willing to look deeper at things than how they appear... under the system of the sign!

To that end, then, I set out on this part of the task at hand. It's with a mixture of trepidation and excitement that I confront it. The trepidation comes from realizing that there's an element of the personal that's now going to have to enter every sinew and marrow of a space I had imagined as one both impersonal & immaterial. Much like what happened with the story begun in the dark days in the aftermath 9-11, I've been inserted into the work as a character, despite all my intentions to maintain the distance from which one can keep that cool aloofness which the occidental literary tradition pretends it necessary to be a 'writer.' An aloofness our guest author of "A Visit to the King of Hell" struggled mightily to hold onto in the flickering firelight of a Bonpo ceremonial... with inconclusive results!

Perhaps it was the mention of the storied Babur in ourlast outing that finally pushed things past the point of no return - his auto-biography is a thing of such wondrous texture... interweaving the minutest personal observations and foibles with the recounting of events of historic and lasting importance on the world stage... asto force the aspirant writer into a total reappraisal of both the manner and motive of their craft. Some over-ambition, therefore, may be the right antidote to the serial under-ambition this writer previous indulgedthemselves in! We shall see.. we shall see! I speak of the kind of ambition which the author Dave McGowanpossessed, in writing his series about Laurel Canyon and the rock star agents of the Secret State... mind-controlled minions of the moneypower set in motion as ticking timebombs to "blow the minds" of that generation I referred to as the culture seekers above.

Interview with Dave McGowan about Laurel Canyon - Whale

Interview with Dave McGowan about Laurel Canyon. 2010. Hippies came out of no where and sort of

co opted it, I think it was quite deliberate...they wanted to ...


198 Dave McGowan "The CIA and the Music of Laurel Canyon ...

As on any journey taking one beyond the boundaries of previously traveled territories, the stages will vary in theirlength and duration... some giving easy passage, others proving more challenging. I chose the title for this storywith full knowledge that it was an over-ambitious one: the topic almost mandates book-length treatment...something far beyond my means and interest. Be that as it may, it's also a title that stays completely true to the direction which we turned towards with the Hejira story, as it integrates very disparate angles of vision - thecombination of which allows for the necessary wide angled lens through which to be able to view the previously hidden aspects of "capital" - which - like other aspects of our economic life... stays that way because of the way we are taught to think of it as separate from the rest of our lives... and how we live them. Dropping that fiction, in favor of the view of our lives as fully integrated expressions of our values and purpose will only come about once we have deconstructed the many myths by which 'capital' has exceeded it's appropriate station in our lives to become a false god that deflects awareness of our blessed position on this earth... a birthright being rapidly stolen by those for whom the fetish of 'capital' is employed like the witch-doctors voodoo charms!

Viewing the machinations of modern financial practice as a variation of black magical sorcery should not by this point be that much of a stretch for those who have read what's been written on these pages so far. The same toing and froing... the juggling between widely divergent ways of relating to the central theme here will inevitably ensue as we move in and out of the archaic and the modern viewpoints. As we will pass, in short order... from sober examination of Hammurabi’s laws regarding debt and interest in ancient Mesopotamia to the wildest expositions of contemporary madness/badness as exemplified by such luminaries of the occultic demi-monde as Alisdair Crowley, or Josef Frank, well the reader might plea for some kind of relief from such a roller coaster ride!

But it will be to no avail... what awaits is a constant pinball movement of disparate notions that will only be followed by those with the quickest eye... and the fluidest of imaginative deduction...like Holmes on the trail of barkless dogs and impenetrable fogs! If out of (seeming)nowhere crops up our old friend and uber-capitalist Carl Kellner, tramping through Egyptian souks with the strangest of company... it will have to be taken in stride. The direct line drawn between the work of C19th occultist & Muslim Brotherhood originator Al Afghani, and that of C20th Tim Osman(Osama) will become clearer as time goes on... as will that which runs between the Ismaili Assassins, the Oxford Movement, BCCI Bank, and Knights Templar. Money and Blood have run even thicker than oil for many centuries in that area we call the "Middle East." Only by following the thread of esoterica back into the distant past can one hope to understand how the 'black gold' fits into that unholy trinity.

And lest it be thought that I have nothing but contempt for the halls of western academia, I will draw in some of the best parts of the work done by distinguished members of that intellectual guild where appropriate. Michael Hudson's stellar work on "the new archeology of debt"or archeologist David Graeber's "DEBT - THE FIRST FIVE THOUSAND YEARS" will be important reference points for framing the archaic context of our study here... which will complement the equally perceptive but rather different perspective of Islamic writer M U Chapra's



giving us the tools with which to measure the continuity of systems... and their defects... which have blended the archaic and modern openly, in the same way that the western systems have covertly! With such a crew of picadors to assist with the taming of this unruly bull of mythology, I have equipped myself going forwards!

But all of that will in it's turn require the inclusion of the components of esoterica necessary to balance such secular and scholastic viewpoints - because to study Sumerian and Babylonian monetary & legal systems, Hittite or Phoenician trade patterns, Lydian or Grecian coinage without reference to the spell-casting, magical formulas and demonologies of those same cultures would be to simply render the whole effort useless! Drawing upon Islamic writer Omar Zaid, from his "THE HAND of IBLIS -An Anatomy of Evil," to supplant and add credence to our own knowledge of eastern systems of magic and shamanic vision, we will break down the walls which artificially separate 'money' and magic so as to make it clear once and for all that the true "currency" of "capitalism" is the 'charge' or 'current' of cabbalistic incantation and numerology which has consistently undergirded apparently unrelated cultures from east to west for millennia! The role of exorcist, psychopomp, and demonologist also falls necessarily to they who seek to explain capital's transformation from a simple material quality into a metaphysical 'spell' by which conjurers have rendered mankind's perceptual faculties void and useless.

Therefore, when we delve, now and again, into the passions and foillies of that generation of materially-blessed, spiritually impoverished western youth who sold their souls for a bong hit or a rush of tantric ecstasy, the impatient reader will need to remember that the cherished icons of the American Revolution... the makers of themighty Republic and it's Constitution... moved in the same circles -of mystics and occultists from the "East" of own their times- with the same penchant for the esoterica of those quarters which would infect the very architecture and street designs of their headquarter upon Potomac! It's all about the dots... and those who are not driven dotty by the rough ride between them will begin to see things as never before imagined... and therefore, possibilities heretofor forbidden to their view.

I'm fairly certain that at the time he started out on that series of posts which would end up to be the ultimate expose of deep state politics at their Machiavellian finest, Dave McGowan was not making a lot of headway in getting his point across to an audience accustomed to seeing the dupes he would profile as towering heroic figures of a cultural revolution! Towering idols one by one cast down like so many Saddam statues or Lenin monuments... oh how the mighty have fallen. That's where the 'excitement' meets up with the 'trepidation' -meeting some of the old ghosts of my own past as characters who turn out to have vital parts of the storylinehere has the dual potential of both releasing me from unhealed scars and finally closing chapters of a past lifewhich has overstayed it's welcome. Closure is an awesome doctor to the soul.

The title of our present/forthcoming story was chosen in direct and purposeful reference to a book written byChogyam Trungpa, sometime in the 1970's, called "The Myth of Freedom." The mischievous Tibetan Tulku who strayed out of a truly medieval upbringing and tradition in the far away East to trace a path of destructiveeloquence through the minds of a generation of western 'seekers,' along the way, created one of the most successful of the guru fiefdoms so abundant in that era... composed of starry-eyed followers longing to give up the grisly chore of thinking for themselves... and trade it for a ticket to 'enlightened' wisdom... of the mystic east variety! I've written of my great regard for songstress Joni Mitchell - in Hejira - and mentioned her own face to face experience of the trickster Tulku from the East. Now, as she lies in an apparent coma, face to face with whatmay be the ultimate Trickster encounter, I recall with some emotion other magnificent ladies of my past whose interactions with the occultic world of Tibetan magic and magicians was also a fatal attraction. But that's for a later story!

To be clear... I'm in no way suggesting that the man himself - Trungpa - was a charlatan, or a fake holyman. Rather, he was a tragic example of the failure of East and West to find sufficient common ground upon which to help each other solve the mysteries of our troubled existence... and example of the results which come from that missing bridge which we need to start rebuilding! To read his frighteningly accurate assessment of the western mind was to experience open-soul surgery sans anesthetic of any kind... you found yourself asking - how could he know that about me? A towering figure in his own way, Trungpa... much like other gurus from the East toppledhimself into the dust.... rather than being toppled... his steady self-dissolution into a mire of alcohol & sex driven scandal was simply more determined... and more public than the rest! The dissonance of these culture clashes was almost comical in it's tragic consequences; so many fallen wise men and so many befuddled and disillusioned followers in the ensuing years. Some never retrieved themselves from the muddle... others took a straight path back to mainstream and never questioned their materialistic drives again! All of the incipient profit which could have accrued from doing the hard and honest work of examining the mind and sorting out the real from unreal was lost to the great majority of those who looked for escape from an illusory western world by embracing an illusory eastern one!

A tragedy which confronts us again at the moment... when a newer generation of starry-eyed dreamers with a stash of shiny metals and dreams of friendly panda bankers from the East awaits deliverance from the evil"Central Bankers" of the West via a new Silk Road majic carpet! More shiny dreams due to corrode into nightmares... which I've covered elsewhere...including here, andhere, or here. In the hope of saving some of the current millenniums crop of starry-eyed seekers... currently lost in the cult-like setting of their gold and silver guru's new style scamming of the 'stack n prep' set, I'll continue to draw parallels to hard won lessons from the past... but no longer attached to whether any take heed - its quite enough to have rendered the warning. Uptake

is optional! It's another remarkable facet of our human condition, how few of us ever give heed to or gain from the experience of others. So it must be... so it seems!

All of that background is a lot of hard ploughing... but failing which... the above introduction will seem to the innocent reader about as far removed from any possible connection to a discussion of "CAPITAL" - mythic or

otherwise - as could possibly be the case! The apparent far gap between the two worlds - of the 'rational' & 'irrational'... the mythic & the mundane - may or may not become resolved in the course of this series... I can make no sure prediction... but the relevance of gurus... mind control... cults... and the current dearth of critical thinking, and independence of mind that has become the hallmark of the occidental world is but part and parcel of how 'we' became unable to distinguish between such vitally distinct concepts such as'money' versus the economic activity it is supposed to facilitate...capital, versus the goods which it is alleged to facilitate the production and circulation of.. and business, versus the theoretical 'science' ofeconomics which is alleged to describe it's operation in minute and accurate detail!

Only by pulling apart these misfitted components, and re-examining them from the start...with Zen-like 'beginner's mind'... can we hope to free ourselves from the pernicious effect of their deliberate conflation, and the agenda behind it. An agenda to which all but a very few have remained blind. To alleviate that blindness, I will call upon some of those observers whose acute eye for detail has - although suppressed and forgotten - already given the western world an opportunity to wake up to it's own disenfranchisement... as well as introduce some of the ways of seeing those same conflated concepts which accrue to the tradition of Islam as injunctions against usury/debt/interest. In the same way that Eastern philosophies transplanted to the West can end up muddled and useless... if not harmful... the attempted importation of ideas from Islamic jurisprudence as applied to finance and economics can be a failure, if not transplanted with due care.

We will also need to give some special attention to the overlooked Germanic world for it's contributions to a balanced and holistic view of finance. Reading Gesell's "THE NATURAL ECONOMIC ORDER" brings into view many an unknown German writer who's contributions to our topic are unknown in the English speaking world... to it's impoverishment! Just as he himself was ignored, then forgotten, by those who found his insights into the world of money cut too close to the bone, several generations of German scholars delivered up insights which could have taken our history in far different directions than those which transpired to the accompaniment of much bloodshed in the C20th. Finally, bringing things back around to the homefront for some readers, the work of American populist Henry George will be brought into focus to show the many parallels with the anti-usury traditions of the east. East & West... past and present... drawn together as part n parcel of the post-western world, the outlines of which will gradually emerge from this mess of potage! With this preamble out of the way, I'll feel a bit easier about heading back to where, like the mentors ...Snyder & Kerouac, I'll be fixing trails and packing horses, in a landscape of mountains and rivers without end!

I'll be writing with less frequency... but perhaps with more intensity... even clarity, one can hope, as we move further up to where the oxygen grows sparser, but the air cleaner, and breathing gets deeper. Flocks fill out and grow plump on the rosemary-tinged fat of the land while breezes in the waving boughs of black pine forest sing of days far gone, but not forgotten.... in an Anatolia time out of mind. Till next time!

"Old ghost ranges, sunken rivers, come again

stand by the wall and tell their tale,

walk the path, sit the rains,

grind the ink, wet the brushes, unroll the

broad white space:

lead out and tip

the moist black line.

Walking on walking,

under foot earth turns.

Streams and mountains never stay the same."

(fragment from Gary Snyder'sRivers and Mountains Without End)