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Shadow ban = Shadow Puppet Theatre

The Verdict is In!

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Critiquing the Conceits of Exceptionalism - East & West
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It’s not as if I didn’t predict this myself - back on the GBTM platform, already in 2018. I published a story outlining the incipient Sraeli takeover of the ENTIRETY of the internet… on the pretext of ‘fighting hate speech’ and the usual double talk. Nevertheless, it’s still sad/disheartening/disturbing/whathaveyou, to witness the last outliers of free expression/truth-in-media be taken down, and then turned into loathsome simulacra of what they once were. Latest(and most crushing, speaking personally)example being

the once stellar fitzinfo.net site of one “Timothy Fitzpatrick” - the guy who… along with my man “blackmindcontrolledassassins” once gave us the best insights into the poisoned chalice that was “Donny Trimpf” and the phony populist ‘revolution of the right’ which the $power used to usher in it’s kovid-lockdown-bio-medical terrorism putsch… aka… the final takedown of the benighted wester world.

Timmy(I’ll call him “Timmy” in order to distinguish the clearly now ‘turned’ and mind-controlled chump who was re-inserted into his own once-reknowned site to manage it’s new ‘life’ as just another honeypot/dissimulation psyop, from the Timothy who once was!)was visibly non-plussed as to how to deal with the intrusion of my unwanted/unlooked for commentary over the past month; an outright banning of my person would give extremely bad optics, since my carefully chosen words echoed the very essence of the message once the very centerpiece of his own site. How to get rid of the pesky ‘intruder’ without acquiring collateral damage in the form of exposing one’s own ‘fakedness’ before the ‘really real’ truth in media deal must have occupied considerable time and attention in what’s left of his mind!

Landing pon the above shown ‘solution’ - a kind of snivelling side-step from banning a body, via pretending to some kind of ‘technical gaffe’ is something I’ve run into before within the ranks of the phony ‘alt-media’ “outposts of free expression”… but it’s particularly pathetic to see it employed here. My previous posting - Exit - Stage Right!

A heretic crosses over to 'enemy lines' - looking for allies against 'the main enemy!'

gave some indication of the importance I attached to making one last effort to dragging the stuporous residue of the ‘resistance’ to neo-feudal tyranny in the west out of their back-biting, self-defeating obsessions long enough to make a final stand against ‘the main enemy’ of all of us… in some kind of unified/dignified manner. And HOO better to address that effort towards, than those who once fought hardest and most effectively against that stealth agent of the $power… and ‘final nail in the coffin’ of the conservative elements of the body politic, than the Tim Fitzpatrick posse?

Though I had already identified - and named - that iteration of the talmudic-kabbalist culture war which would replace their Kenyan puppet prince with a dopey ‘made-in-USA ‘reality TV actor’ and failed casino magnate by mid-2016, digging into the intracacies of his numerous connections to foreign backers with heavy turco-talmudic pedigress and even heavier “Russian accents” of the CIS robber baron kind,

would prove to be the genius of fitzpatrick & co., who’s work I would utilize in my own GBTM platform of related ‘phony-right’/anti-kabbalistic talmudism themes That’s all ‘bye bye’ now… with the proof of Timmy’s ‘transformation’ into yet another sad-assed imitation of his once principled self - a shadow puppet taking his orders from the same(mind-controlled)HQ as all the rest of the rogue’s gallery who I’ve outed in detailed fashion

since beginning with that ‘other’ Catholic mouthpiece of phony resistance back in 2016 -DARKMOON DEBACLE - along with the ‘original TM’ \alt-media\phony right honey trap & psyop, ‘serohedge.con…. and numerous other once legit sites taken over and made into willing disseminators of disinfo.

The common thread running tween all of these psyop sites which I gave time and attention to… is their need to employ ‘stealth’ tactics of banning/slander/gaslighting/etc., to get ME… the monkey… off of their backs! Knowing that outright’ banning’ of someone pointedly professing - and more than adequeately defending - conservative points of view on what are ‘supposedly’ their “conservative” oriented sites would prove optically damaging, each of these poseur sites had to find a way to make my challenge ‘disappear’… without ‘appearing’ to have done so!

It would take too much time to run thru the ‘rogue’s gallery’ of sites which I have exposed for the psyops/honeypots they are; the upshot of this is simply that …. in addition to my recent emphasis on the FACT that “there is no more news”… rather, simply staged manipulations of ‘events’ which are choreographed to fully deceive the masses,

there are NO MORE legit ‘resistor’ sites left in the west for the imaginary ‘resistor’ to seek solace from! All gone/removed/or turned. With Timmy’s sad demise we have reached THE END of the charade. He was ‘de best.’ But he’s been ‘laid to rest’… so to speak, for the moral of this story is that anybody - anyone at all still alive and kicking in the wester world is subject to a mind-control program.

And now, on to the ‘main event’ here - the little comment which couldn’t find it’s way onto the pages of Timmy’s lil (fake resistance) site: which was a response to his “Pico della Mirandola the true father of Second Vatican Council, claims author” of April 9th - which will prove to have been the very last day of the purported existence of a now surely extinguished ‘wester whorld’ I can now ‘close the books on!’

Running thru the various links which connect this discussion to the theme of "Michael Hoffman - bitter & reactionary anti-Catholic.... on and on and so on" diatribes has certainly been an eye-opening experience! Hoffman - author of what may well be the most revealing(&and revulsing)expose of talmudic madness and malice ever published...

"Judaisms Strange Gods," might as well never have got out of bed, nor raised his sorry head above the parapets of that battleground of endless internecine squabbling and sniping,... aka "Christendom,"  for all the credit he be given for that -and other - enormous labor(s)on behalf of truth in media! What apparently makes the man the most appealing of targets - for those who need to dish on profoundly insightful critics of talmudic kabbalisms legacy of terror - is his 'sin' of not admitting to which sectarian identity he should be pegged to! Is he a sedevacantist/calvinist\amish, or...my personal fave - "an antichrist Protestant HACK!" >?? Does it really matter where he hangs his hat? Not so much.. as compared to how he swings a bat! And when he puts the lumber to the ball with money quotes like

“Contraception, abortion, and homosexuality are, in part, derived from the corruption of a society that has legalized the crime of usury.”

he ultimately seems more likely to be the target of slanderous abuse for the simple reason of being the one guy who can hit it outta the park! Unpack that meaty message in the quotes if you dare, pilgrim; it's full fare for those who can 'stomach' the truth - about how we got to 'here'.... from...

'there' - that there being the dissolution of whatever the Catholic church might ever have been, into a controlled demolition device o/o by those very same talmudic cryptos who created "protestantism" as yet another sheep pen to drive the gentiles into! Ironic it be, that one of the more gentle complaints against the man is an apparent association with 'black muslims.' I think it fair to say that .... if

"black muslims"... the original american version of which were advocates of racial separation and/or return to Africa, as well and staunchly anti-debt/usury/interest/pharisee $power cabal... are a part of the guys' posse, it's more a mark in his favor than against. Who even bothers to look for 'allies' against THE MAIN ENEMY anymore? Everyone here and elsewhere appears solely dedicated to the task of burning... rather than building BRIDGES so as to assemble an opposition capable of repelling that omniverous foe!

Has it not occurred to anyone that Michael Hoffman is most easily placed within that vast continuum of humanity which we call "crypto/marrano/etc."?? He is in his outlook entirely traceable to that large swath of post-1492 iberian judaic diaspora which hid under the "Huguenot" et al label, and produced a massive surge of anti-catholic activity, ranging from pirates of penance type bucannering to colonizing the 'new world' with sectarian frenzy. The slow transformation of certain descendants of that diaspora, from identifiably 'hidden' judaist, through secularization, abandonment of family ties to the crypto tradition, and then full on rejection of those semi-forgotten roots,

is much a more common thread binding supposed 'protestant' gentiles in the west than is let on. He has trained his guns upon a portion of the judaist tradition which lacks critique from within judaism (unless one supposed the Karaites a possible exception) and made it his cause to create an awareness of the magnitude of rabbincal judaisms' hatred of humankind & necromantic obedience to the darkest of demonologies! And this makes him worthy of censure/contempt on the part of those best suited to see the necessity of such exposure and revelation?

Tis a strange strange world we live it... and getting stranger by the minute. No less than 4 popes in the past two hundred years have been undeniably 'frankist-sabbatean' plants; more likely that number is 6. You don't have to be an attack dog against Catholics to see the implications of that sorry infiltration unto a church which has been inundated with new-agey agendas and catamite cadres long before this latest 'woke' madness infected everything. Someone in that long line of threads and conversations I read in the course of this morning calls Hoffman "an arrogant and proud person" - and well he may be. It behooves those who would bathe him in their scorn, however, to consider the pot and the kettle; excoriating the man for having 'carried the can' against talmudic kabbalisms' multitudes of malice better than they ever have - or will -

is symptomatic of not just both those peccadillos... but also the petty ankle-biting of the 'bitter & reactionary' among us. Reach higher, pilgrims.... much much higher. You might one day have the luck to find the shoulders of giants to climb pon!

That comment - written as a gentle rebuttal to those who choose to spend their ‘last days of Pompeii’ dishing on giants like MICHAEL HOFFMAN - was not allowed to see the light of day at Timmy’s new ‘phony opposition’ site. Tis a sign o the times, me hearties - and the signal to give up trying to help those who choose to not help themselves.

The bridge is truly out, now. This shot - the header from my mid 2010s site “Collapse of the West” show where we are at.