Mar 23 • 10M

Hotsteppin to Hades

One Dialectical Dance Step at a time! Rogue Goes AUDIO

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Critiquing the Conceits of Exceptionalism - East & West
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And so it came to pass:

One day I woke up… read my favorite sites, sippin coffee by the woodstove in the dark of an early Anatolian spring morn, and got the notion to follow up on my lingering intent to look into the ‘podcast’ element of this here substack thing

and then did it! My first cast, that is. Well, imaginary pilgrims of the really real… here it is - warts n all. I do not see any ‘editing’ function in front of me… so what was said is what ye get. I’ll probably get better at it.

*Hotsteppin: a protective covering (as for a knife or sword). A. peccadillo. B. sheath. C. jab = wtf? someone seems very confused… about ‘hotsteppin’… but that’s what I got when I ‘looked up’ the word online. Hoo new? Works for me!

Transcript of podcast follows:

The notion that the “collapse of communism” was ‘faked’ is as dangerous a deceit as the idea that ‘western liberal democracies’ are ‘real.’ Both ideas play into the hands of those who would ‘inherit this earth’ by ‘way of deception!’

As is well known, the art of ‘magic’ is the practice of deception via the study of organized rules which guide the practitioner in creating ‘illusions’ which confound the onlooker mind by making their perception and their reasoned, rational mind conflict. What is clearly visible is not logically tenable – yet nevertheless, cannot be ignored or dismissed. The result is a stand-off; the viewer is frozen in indecison over whether to accept or reject what they have witnessed.

The secrets of ‘finance’ act upon the very same principles. When accorded by “law” the prestige of being ‘legitimate,’ these practices gain the power to impose the same kind of ‘suspended disbelief’ as the stage magician achieves via rabbit and hat.

Alan “Ace” Greenberg was Chairman of the Board of Bear Stearns from 1985 to 2001, and its CEO from 1978 to 1993. Greenberg was also a prominent member of the American Society of Magicians… and formed a partnership with Richard Kaufman to publish books and magazines in the field of magic. Kaufman is the editor of Genii, The Conjurors’ Magazine.

Modern Finacial Wizardry - your tax $ @ work

The prototypical financial ‘wizard’ of Wall Street – the Dimons, Greenbergs, Paulsons, etc., can be taken at face value for what that term implies – yet the onlooking audience of rubes – those sad-assed citizens of the western world now witness to the last act in their own destruction, suspend disbelief daily, at what their own lyin eyes tell them, in favor of raassuring themselves – even AFTER the debacle of the kovid-kaper,

that the system of debt/usury/interest they have been trained to believe as representive of ‘free enterprise’ and the ‘western way’ is a benevolent product of a centuries long “progress” of civilization — instead of a vicious, zero sum, final stage of devolution into savagery and the rule of grift.

“Communism” was the creation of internationional finance capitals’ ‘art of magic’ – and it’s ‘collapse’ was no different; hired stooges and media apologists shill for the onlooking rubes to ‘believe’ in a utopian picture of life without property or greed, and likewise, to believe that the resulting reality – a century or so of mass terror, torture, killing and theft – has ‘disappeared’ all of its own…

to be replaced by a ‘kinder, gentler, sort of ‘mixed economy’ run by well-meaning if incompetent gnomes who need simply to be guided towards the ‘liberal democracy’ formula. The ‘collapse of communism’ was not ‘faked’ – it occurred on the ‘stage’ of the world as presented by the duplicitous ‘medias’ of the $power, and thereby occupies a higher ‘reality’ than any putative ‘truth’ can, at this point in our devolution. Likewise, the bizarre conception of ‘liberal democracies’ as inheritors of a steady propulsion towards individual liberties, free enterprise, and social equity based upon merit rather than imposed by fiat … has been swept away in an instant… by the Faucian ‘hidden hand’ of rule by state-sponsored medical bio-terrorism,

for all to see, who would suspend their belief… in the magic show we are forced to witness and cheer for… like hundreds of thousands of Russians forced into the Moscow stadium to cheer their Chabad puppet princeling as he saws the box with the lovely slavic stage assistant inside!

Logical conclusion? It was the ‘liberal democracies’ which were ‘faked’ – the ‘collapse of communism’ was ‘real.’ In it’s wake… the “GREAT RESET”- and the neo-feudal nightmare upon us now! Do NOT make the mistake fo supposing Lenin/Trotsky & their banking backers believed their own ‘bull**** – THAT was for the snivelling masses they intended to rule over!

Crafting any successful strategy of resistance requires one to ‘know thy enemy and their works’ – not to merely chronicle their deceits and peccadillos!(imho)

Pretty rough stuff huh? Well… it’s a work in progress…

speaking of ‘work’ - did you hear the irritating noise in the background> that was somebody chopping wood! Nice production values huh? What can I say? It’s “authentic!” at least.