Market Sentiments: Part TwoListen now (16 min) | MARKET SENTIMENTS: THE RISE OF VOODOO SCIENCE
From Warring States to Warring FactionsListen now (19 min) | Another Blast from the Past I'd Forgotten all about authoring!
Moral Sentiments: Part OneListen now (22 min) | MORAL SENTIMENTS: ADAM SMITH and the HIDDEN HAND
Shadow ban = Shadow Puppet TheatreListen now (14 min) | The Verdict is In!
The Myth of Capital(the preamble!)Listen now (10 min) | from the 2015 series with the serious seismic shebang!
A heretic crosses over to 'enemy lines' - looking for allies against 'the main enemy!'
Hotsteppin to HadesListen now (10 min) | One Dialectical Dance Step at a time! Rogue Goes AUDIO
"What's My Name? Say My Name Sucka!"
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